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Published: 26th October 2010
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The secret to the Ab Flyer is the patented reverse arc motion that targets the lower, middle, and upper abs all at the same time. Totally eliminates strain on your back, neck and shoulders while engaging your entire abdominal core on every rep


* It's a natural bottom up motion that makes repetitive ab workout easier.

* Already comes partially assembled.

* Folds up easily for easy storage and transport.

* You can turn your knees to work the side oblique muscles.

* It works entire core abdominal muscle group.

* Adjustable resistance for users of all fitness levels.

* Adjustable knee pads for twisting exercises to work oblique muscles

It is extremely easy to use and store and must users claim to feel results almost instantly in their side muscles and lower abdominals. Because the Ab Flyer helps you maintain a great posture position throughout the workout it actually helps strengthen your arms and back, and used correctly there will be no sigh of those awful neck pains often associated with doing floor crunches etc incorrectly

The Ab Flyer is another one of those as seen on tv workout machines for working out at home. It is designed to help you lose weight and trim off the inches around your midsection. The Ab Flyer works from the bottom up on your abdominal muscles which helps you target that belly fat. The design lends itself well to helping limit the stress on the back, shoulders and your neck

Ab Flyer Overview:

* Comes with an iron clad money back guarantee

* Includes a great little meal plan to go along with it

* Comes with a DVD that is perfect for cardio and getting your metabolism higher

* The price is quite reasonable

* No need to do crunches if you use the Ab Flyer

The floating kneepads also allow you to twist your legs from side to side so that you can target your obliques, and you're not putting any strain on your neck and shoulders because you're in an upright position. And the resistance can be altered to make your workouts easier or harder as you get fitter

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The Ab Flyer comes in two different models, a home edition and the pro version. The pro version offers a more durable frame along with other accessories such as the ability to add weights for additional resistance. The pro version is a little more expensive at about $40 more than the home model

The Home Edition includes:

. Arm and Seat Cushions

. Electronic Timer and Counter

. Professional designed Steel Tubing for great quality that lasts!

. Dimensions - L: 34" W: 33" H: 48"

. Product Weight 48 lbs

The Pro Version includes:

. Heavy Duty Reinforced Steel Frame (supports up to 350 lbs)

. Dual-Function Digital Computer to count repetitions and for Interval Training

. Advanced Resistance System for adding weight plates (up to 20 lbs)

The Ab Flyer exerciser also includes the following:

. Guide to the Ab Flyer System

. Ab FlyerT Exercise Plan

. Take off the Pounds Mix & Match Meal Plan

. Take off the Pounds Cardio DVD

The Ab Flyer is available at various sporting goods stores as well as other vendors on the web. I had an opportunity to try out this exerciser at one of my local sporting goods stores and from the first repetition I could feel the movement focusing on my lower abdominal muscles. However what I also noticed with this exerciser is that form is king. If you use too much momentum during the exercise you will not feel a thing except a little pressure on the lower back (which I can imagine would cause lower back pain over time). Proper form is important in any exercise that you do but with this exerciser I noticed a drastic difference between using good form and just flying through the motions (pun intended)

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In my opinion hanging leg raises are probably one of the best abdominal exercise to do versus doing simple crunches. As hanging leg raises works your entire mid section and even your lats. It will work your top, mid and lower sections and help increase upper body strength. The Ab Flyer system does the same but not too much on the upper body areas like your shoulders and chest areas

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